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Stefan Schwartze

I build superfast and beautiful web products for every device.

Hello, my name is Stefan. I am a german web developer based in beautiful Berlin. Currently I study the Master program Computer Science and Media. I love to build websites and mobile applications with web technologies.

During my free time I like to run and enjoy nature. I love to discover the world while travelling, where I try to keep great moments in memories with little snapshots. Further I study the web about new future technologies. I also some things about web development which I may find interesting for other people.

My passion is beautiful, modern web design, which makes the user keep working with the product, not frustrate them. Therefore my ambition is a continuous improvement of my skills to build better products with a great user experience.

If you're interested in my way how the web became my passion, you can read the following article on Medium:

Why I decided to code for the web.

The web is moving forward. There are so many possiblities to realize a great website or to build powerful applications. Everyday I work with some technics well known:

Mobile First / Responsive Design

The mobile web is growing fast and increases everday. To make your content accessible for all customers with devices like tablets or smartphones, it is important to optimize them for mobile devices. The mobile first approach describes that your website is designed out of the box for mobile devices first and then optimized for bigger screens.

Iterative Evaluation and Testing

Many people think, once a website is designed and the customer says "OK", it only has to be developed and then it is a perfect product. But they are wrong.

Designing & developing are not two separate processes, they're one.

So if you find out while developing that working with the navigation is just an impasse, you have to rethink. That's the reason why each website is tested multiple times while developing to determine every problem concerning usability or page performance as soon as possible.

Modern technology & individual solutions for each different project

As I mentioned yet, web is changing everday. Therefore it's the best for your website to be developed with the newest technology. It is important to use the technology that fits best to the projects specifications. When you just take the same approach like in hundred past projects because it's easier for you, this may result in bad load times and a frustrating page performance.



Custom Track is a JavaScript tracking system that allows tracking of any kind of user data, e.g. different interactions like swiping through different pages or completing a purchase in a online shop.

This project was the topic of my bachelor thesis in 2014. I tried to build a tracking system that is optimized for mobile web apps and also allows tracking of events in Single Page Applications, even if the user is offline because he has no mobile network connection.

The final product is divided in two parts, the tracking system itself and on the other hand a user interface to evaluate the collected data. The tracking system is realized with a RESTful API.

Used technologies:

HTML5, SASS, CSS3, Javascript, Laravel, MySQL


Hdm ideas

HdM ideas is a platform to share ideas and find people to realize them in projects. This was developed for the Hochschule der Medien (HdM) together with a fellow student and should improve the workflow to find the right idea for interdisciplinary projects at the university. My part on the project was to build the frontend with AngularJS that is connected to the RESTful API.

Used technologies:

HTML5, SASS, Javascript, Laravel, AngularJS, MySQL

Sevenval Technologies

2015 - now

Mobile Web Developer

Tower5 Interactive


Web Developer


2013 - now

Developer of serveral small customer projects


2013 - 2014

Web Developer & Administrator

Tower5 Interactive

2013 - 2014

Student & bachelor thesis


2012 - 2013

Intern (Frontend Developer)

Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

2010 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Media

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

2014 - now

Master of Science in Computer Science and Media